The Company

We are a firm of engineering consultants which is closely involved in the very complex procedures to furnish safety proofs, verification and homologation for the rolling stock troughout Europe. Our aim is a safe, reliable and economic railway system.
That's what we are working for!

Company information

Managing Director / CEO Norbert Schäfer
Established 2002
Certificates Quality Management according to EN ISO 9001:2008
Compliance Assessors according to EN 17050
Test center for railway vehicles accredited by the EBA (German federal railway authority)


Company History

2002 The company AEbt Angewandte Eisenbahntechnik is founded by Norbert Schäfer (accredited by the Federal Railway Authority as a software specialist), its services focusing on reports and authorisation, with its headquarters in Fürth
2004 AEbt Angewandte Eisenbahntechnik is reconstituted into a GmbH (German company with limited liability).
2005 Relocation from Fürth to Nuremberg – increased office accommodation and expansion of the team
2005 Opening of branch offices in Vienna and Kassel
2006 Norbert Schäfer is accredited as specialist for maglev technology (Transrapid) and as specialist for functional testing of railway vehicles and also as specialist for the safety of computer-based systems by the Federal Railway Authority
2006 Extension of the service spectrum to include the fields of validation and safety verifications
Extension of the office accommodation and establishment of our own testing laboratory
2006 Establishment of the AEbt test center for railway vehicles
2006 Armin Reichhardt and Norbert Schäfer are designated as senior auditors in accordance with ISO 9001:2000
2007 ISO 9001:2008 certification of the quality management system
2007 Accreditation as a compliance assessment body in accordance with EN 17050-1-2
2008 Founding of the company AEbt Schweiz GmbH with services for Switzerland focusing on vehicle authorisation, technical railway reports and a comprehensive range of services in the logistics sector
2008 Extension of the AEbt test center for railway vehicles by the addition of a non-electrified test tracks for diesel locomotives and diesel multiple units.