Auxiliary Vehicles

Our experts in the field of auxiliary vehicles offer auxiliary vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, operators and government agencies:

  • Assessment of vehicles, retrofitting and concept designs
  • Approval of auxiliary vehicles within Europe ( §32 EBO for Germany, among others)
  • Assessment for requirements for auxiliary vehicles
  • Independent safety evaluation of concept designs for vehicle developments and components
  • Clarification of concept design questions

We gladly share our experience in the fields of:
  • road-rail vehicles
  • Railcars
  • Mentor coaches
  • Track examination coaches
  • Track-laying machines (ballast tampers, tamper liners, track renewal trains)
  • specialized automotive vehicles
with you.

Specifically for vehicle manufacturers

Validation of the safety process of vehicles / retrofitting
Validations concerning RAMS for development of vehicles / retrofitting

Specifically for component manufacturers / suppliers

Certification of components and subsystems (SIL, SAS, PL, SSAS, etc.)
Validation of preparing qualification verifications (RAMS)

Specifically for operators

Independent safety evaluation for retrofitting and acquiring vehicles
Validation concerning RAMS over entire life span