Fire Protection

Over the last years, fire protection has become a major topic in the design and construction of railway vehicles. This is due to new international standards and guidelines and past experiences of fire events. Nowadays, the planning and construction of new railway vehicles always involves fire protection measures as e.g. devices for automatic fire detection.

Depending on the purpose of the vehicle, firefighting systems for the technical compartments or the passenger areas are to be considered and realized if necessary.

At the European level for border-crossing traffic it is also important to meet and harmonize all the different national requirements for railway vehicles of the various European countries.

Our main competence is the know-how about the current state of the art in fire detection and fire fighting in rail vehicles as well as knowledge of the corresponding norms, standards and evaluation procedures including the technical solutions! Some of our employees are specially trained in this field due to the increased complexity of requirements for fire safety in railway vehicles.

We offer the following services:

  • Identify and assemble all European and national fire safety requirements
  • Technical dossier for the start-up, fire safety assessments, fire safety and evacuation concepts
  • Create a comprehensive assessment report for fire protection and evacuation concepts