Light Rail

Whether metro, tram, city railway or even the trolleybus,
AEbt is a testing body accredited by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) and in accordance with the Directive on Construction and Operation of Tramways (BOStrab). We provide you with experts in the following technical fields:

  • Vehicle technology (construction, mechanics, drive)
  • Vehicle equipment (control system, software, electrotechnology, EMC)
  • Occupational health and safety, environmental protection, fire safety

Range of services:

Approval support

  • Determination of requirements, e.g. for dual-system city railways (EBO, BOStrab) or for modernisation
  • Project coordination (testing bodies, operators, TAB, manufacturers)
  • Evaluation of feasibility stuies, e.g. for modernisation

Design & IBS

  • Architecture tests of control and regulation technology
  • Determining discrepancies in technical requirements, for example, BOStrab / EBO

Vehicle validation

  • Test planning, preparing test instructions for performing the test at the manufacturing plant or at the transport company
  • Vehicle validation of safety-related functions
  • Planning and execution of approval runs
  • Execution of approval tests for TAB

Assessment & Approval

  • Approval test with review of construction documents
  • Vehicle approvals as a qualified authority as per §5 (2) BOStrab
  • Assessment of control technology and vehicle software as per EN 50128
  • Preparation of assessments for functional safety
  • Occupational health and safety evaluation
  • Durability evaluation, welding inspection