AEbt has experts and specialists in maglev system technologies such as Transrapid accredited by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) and in accordance with the Directive on the Construction and Operation of Magnetic Levitation Systems (MBO) .

We can support you in the following areas:

  • Approval support for vehicle and equipment
  • Safety verification for operation, vehicle control system and operations control system
    • Safety concept
    • Safety requirements
    • Risk and hazard analysis
    • Qualitative and quantitative safety analysis
    • Safety verification / system safety verification
  • Verification and validation via accredited testing body in accordance with EN 17025
    • Validation of vehicle and safety functions
      • Passenger-related systems, e.g. entering the vehicle
      • Interaction between vehicle and operations control system
      • Traction and braking system
    • Software tests (code, modules, function packets) in accordance with EN 50128
  • Assessment of whole systems or subsystems, including but not limited to
    • Brake system
    • Support and guidance
    • Drive technology
    • Operations control system