Passenger protection and personal security

The topic of personal safety in railway vehicles has greatly grown in significance in past years. Since the safety level for railway vehicles has increased in this area, the requirements for personal safety have also greatly risen in response. Special requirements concerning personal safety apply to passenger doors, footbridges, the design of the interior and exterior as well as to noise produced by the vehicle.
On the European level, for border-crossing transport it is necessary to enforce and harmonize the various national personal safety requirements for railway vehicles of various European countries at the same time. It is especially important here to consider the requirements TSI PRM and TSI Noise.

Worker protection in all areas of the train constitutes a separate division of personal safety.

AEbt can offer the following services thanks to its expertise concerning the elevated level of complexity of personal safety requirements in railway vehicles:

  • Determining and compiling of all European and national requirements for personal safety (e.g. for tendering)
  • Evaluation of a railway vehicle with respect to the compliance with personal safety requirements (individual dossier regarding the technical fields of windows, doors, footbridges and passenger compartments for submission to the EBA - German Federal Railway Authority - for putting the vehicle into service.)