Welding Monitoring

Special technical expertise has always been demanded for this field. Manufacturers of railway vehicles or vehicle parts must prove their suitability for this with regard to the regulations in effect and comply with the established requirements. With the entry into effect of new German and European regulations for welding of railway vehicles and vehicle parts, such as the passing of EN 15085 (previously DIN 6700), the technical welding requirements for railway vehicles were recently revised. Moreover, adhesion techniques in railway vehicles continue to grow in significance.

A colleague of ours, Mr. Armin Reichhardt, has gained many years of experience as a welding engineer, especially as a welding supervisor as well as auditor for welding monitoring tasks and specialist in welding evaluations in accordance with EN 15085. His range of duties covers among others the following:

  • Evaluation of base materials and suitable welding filler metals
  • Evaluation of the optimization of welding processes
  • Testing of the establishment of certain welding parameters
  • Evaluation of welding instructions and operating instructions
  • quality-testing welding joints or welded component parts
  • Preparation of required expert opinions and evaluations