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AEbt training seminars offers one-to-five-day workshops especially in following areas:


  • railway homologation
  • CSM and RAMS
  • fire safety protection in railway vehicles
  • functional safety

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Expert Opinions and Assessments

  • Diagnostic and communication systems
  • Integrated safety evaluation report of ETCS in locomotives (e.g. Rh1116)
  • Report on the locomotive control system (e.g. W232)
  • Report on the effect of alterations to the vehicle
  • Accident assessment of rolling stock
  • Report for complete vehicles, including the TRAXX locomotives
  • Report for control trailers, including those with WTB technology
  • Report on the "Man Machine Interface" in vehicles
  • Report on the speed recording and display syste

Expert opinions and assessments on vehicle control technology according to CENELEC, EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50239

  • of the auxiliary inverter AXI (e.g.Rh1016/116 and BR189)
  • of the control technology for locomotives and motorised trains
  • of the driver's cab displays of different manufactures
  • of the juridical recorder unit
  • of the control technology of the control car Rh8033 / 8075 of the ÖBB
  • of door controls for Germany and Italy (e.g. VT642)
  • of the integration of radio control systems
  • of multiple traction control systems
  • of traction equipment by various manufacturers
  • of the traction control systems for locomotives (ME26)
  • of the multiple unit controls
  • of WTB multiple units (control trailer with various locomotives)
  • of safety for ICE componentsm

Safety Analyses

  • Verification of the Safety Analysis of an active rotational damper.
  • Fault tree analysis of the brake of the electric locomotives of the DB
  • Conducting a FTA of the traction equipment of a multiple unit train
  • Conducting of a FMECA of the MVB for the application of ETCS in the BR10 locomotive
  • Safety analysis of the brake system for the E412 locomotive
  • Functional safety proof for tax locomotives
  • Safety proof of modifications of motorised trains ( or multiple unit trains) (e.g. VT611, VT610)


  • Model/component control system for locomotives
  • Approval testing of the ES64U2 locomotive
  • Approval testing of the ER20 locomotive
  • Approval testing of the BR189 locomotive in Germany and Italy and elsewhere
  • Construction and design modification of the BR152, ME26
  • ES64U4 and components
  • Verification and Homologation of the remote control for high-performance locomotives
  • Homologation of diesel locomotives and motorised trains of several models (e.g. (Voith Locomotive, Rn2143, TRAXX Locomotive)
  • Design of requirement specification and homologation concept
  • Approval testing of railway companies
  • Approval testing of freight cars according to TSI with Notified Body
  • Certification of the locomotive E109 according to TSI
  • Homologation of the ETCS requirement equipment according to TSI
  • Development of catalogs of requirements and homologation plans by order of the EBA, RFI, CESIFER, BMVIT, BAV, IVW,...

Quality Assurance

  • Welding evaluation of components of rolling stock and vehicles
  • Verification of the software development for electronic signal boxes
  • MTU control technology
  • Evaluation of a new project in the start phase