Functional Safety

Since we know different RAMS methods and we know safety and availability analyses from practical experience, we can perfectly support your proof of safety. You will benefit from the outcome of our work which will allow you to influence the project engineering from an early stage on.

Our performance -  your benefit!
This is what we can offer you:
  • we evaluate hazard analyses and risk analyses in compliance with EN 61508, EN 50126, EN 50129;
  • qualitative and quantitative safety analyses by means of FTA and FMEA methods;
  • we evaluate functional proofs of safety in compliance with EN 50129 for component parts, on individual fields of specialization or entire vehicles;
  • we evaluate systematic safety reviews of vehicle functions;
  • we perform safety evaluations of dangers for a vehicle; and
  • we perform safety evaluations of technical modifications (contemplation of the state before and after modification, SIL classification, proof of same safety level).