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Requirement Management

We support our clients in the area of requirements management. In addition to sheer administration of requirements, this also includes carrying out of management tasks. Both benefits and necessity are known today as well as fundamental requirements from the CENELEC standards, for which specific application and getting started often proves difficult.

Requirement Management:
  • You are developing a product and need support with questions relating to system requirement specifications, software requirement specifications, etc. that are compliant with standards?
  • For transnational approval, you need the requirements of the network operators and safety authorities in one file or one database?
  • You want to compile all the relevant 'external' requirements for your product (e.g. from standards and policies)?
Much more effort in the requirement management process is spent on the subsequent maintenance of the requirements, especially with external requirements. Here too we can support you by using our useful connections to various working groups and standards committees.

In this regard we also offer web-based collaboration platforms, which can be set up quickly and easily.
  • Project portal with file storage
  • Online error databases accessible by field workers
  • Client-specific requirement databases with online access