Safety at work

In the process of legal authorization regarding railways, the concerns of occupational safety and worker protection of the relevant railway authority are to be taken into consideration. The authorization in compliance with railway law may only be granted if occupational health and safety regulations do not stand in the way of authorization and it is expected that hazards to the health and safety of employees will be prevented.

At the European level, various national requirements for occupational safety and worker protection must be enforced. This is especially true for border-crossing transport.

As an expert and designated body in occupational safety and worker protection, AEbt offers a wide range of services:

  • Clarification regarding the diverse requirements of the respective national authorities, such as the Verkehrs-Arbeitsinspektorat (VAI in Austria [Transport Occupation Inspectorate]; BMVIT [Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology]), Eisenbahnunfallklasse (EUK, Railway Accident Class) and Berufsgenossenschaften BGs (Professional Associations) (in Germany, German Federal Railway Authority).
  • Evaluating railway vehicles regarding compliance with occupational safety and worker protection requirements.
  • Preparing individual dossiers and certificates regarding compliance with the relative national requirement.