Test Centre

The AEbt Test Centre for railway vehicles has its own laboratory as well as a non-electrified test track for carrying out test drives of diesel locomotives and diesel multiple units.

Validation of vehicle and safety functions, e.g.

  • Traction Control e.g. safety of traction cut off
  • Brake Control
  • Multiple Unit Traction, e.g. WTB with own test device
  • Transitions
  • Radio Remote Control according to EN 50239
  • Door Controls (TB0, SAT, TAV)
  • Automatic Vigilance Device / Dead-Man Switch of various countries according to UIC 641
  • Emergency-Cut-Off devices
  • Slip and Slide Protection
  • MMI Devices (Man-Machine Interface)

Within the frame of validation we offer as follows:

  • Participation in test drives
  • Execution of functional tests on the vehicle and in the laboratory
  • Execution and evaluation of measurements
  • Software/Hardware - Integration tests in our own laboratory
  • Software Modul Test
  • Assessing of the absence of interaction with vehicle functionality and safety by modifications

Development of Dokumentation

  • Test plans and specifications
  • Check and test instructions
  • Schedule planning and organisation of vehicle tests including test drives