AEbt Akademie

Safety in the railway sector

Safety management in everyday railway practice
Functional safety proofs according to the current CENELEC-standards
Practical seminar "Fault tree analysis and FME" ©
Standard-compliant development of safety-related software according to EN 50128:2011
Basic seminar for safety managers-to-be in the field of suppliers to the railway sector
Safety and reliability of electrical / electronical and programmable systems
Fire protection in the field of railway vehicle manufacturing according to DIN EN 45545:2013
EMC and electrical safety in railway vehicles
Directive on vehicle safety cases for the EBA. * gültig nur für Deutschland
Evaluation of significance and safety relevance in case of modifications to railway subsystems
CSM regulation: Process and detection method incl. Practical seminar "CSM detection - demonstrated through a practical example".

Experts & Assessors

Legal basics (Module 0) for assessors according to §33 EBO and experts.
Specialist seminar "Facilities for flammable liquids" (Module 1) for assessors according to §33 EBO.
Special seminar „Pressure vessel facilities and hydraulic systems" (Module 2) for assessors according to §33 EBO.
Specialist seminar „Facilities in explosive areas“ (Module 4) and "Battery units" (Module 4.1) for assessors according to §33 EBO.
Specialist seminar railway law "Approval of assessors" - Basic seminar
Examination training "Law for assessors STE - assessment load"
Examination training "Law for assessors IOH - assessment load"
Training of assessors in the field of " Units for flammable liquids on railway vehicles"
Training of assessors in the field of „Compressed air systems on railway vehicles“
Training of assessors in the field of “Battery units on railway vehicles“

Homologation and certification

Overview of the current status of the TSI
Certifications in the railway sector
Homologation processes in Europe and specific homologation processes for railway vehicles and components.
Regular recurring checks on railway vehicles according to EBO
Certifications of entities in charge of maintenance (ECM)
New type approvals in the VV BAU-STE - Basic seminar

Railway law

Introduction to railway law - basic seminar
Planning law AEG - basic seminar
Accreditation of experts - basic seminar
New type approval in the VV BAU-STE - basic seminar
Introduction to construction law - infrastructure
Liability in the vehicle approval process
Construction process STE: VV BAU-STE 4.6 incl. Construction in the TEN - In-depth seminar
Construction process IOH: VV BAU 4.53 incl. Construction in the TEN - In-depth seminar
Exam training course Law for experts STE - Examination material/topics
Exam training course Law for experts IOH - Examination material/topics

Railway technology

Basic seminar "Railway system technology"
Basic seminar "Braking technology"
Basic seminar "ETCS – European Train Control System"
Basic seminar "Control and safety systems for railway systems"

Light rail systems

Intensive seminar "Homologation and safety life time cycle of trams"
Safety management
Requirements management
Homologation management
RAM; LCC and obsolescence regarding urban rail systems