Expert Opinions / DeBo Designated Body

In our capacity as assessors of EBA, BMVIT, BAV and other national safety authorities for rail vehicles, maglev systems and control and command technology as well as Interim-DeBo and recognized expert body according to BOStrab, we furnish expert reports in all fields of railway technology.
In cooperation with our partners we cover all requirements of the national safety authorities EBA (Germany), BMVIT (Austria), BAV (Switzerland), EPSF (France) and Département des transports (Luxembourg).

Interim-DeBo (Designated Body), approved by the German Railway Authority 

  • Conformity assessment counterchecking the requirements of the NNTR or the attachment 1 of the VV IBG respectively
  • Check of internal coherence by coherence manager (or Safety manager according to VV IBG)
  • Preparation of the NNTR-dossiers
  • Issuing the certificate of conformity

 Approved assessor of the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) for

  • Functional Safety / Functional check of rail vehicles
  • Safety of computer-based systems / Software based on EN 50128
  • Brake engineering of magnetic levitation systems (e.g. Transrapid)
  • Control and command technology
  • Technical systems requiring monitoring
  • Mechanical strength

Approved expert body according to BOStrab

  • Vehicles and infrastructure
  • Acceptance inspection and check of design and manufacturing documentation
  • Final vehicle inspections as expert body according to § 5 (2) BOStrab
  • Assessment of employee protection

Assessment and evaluation according to CENELEC standards of

  • Safety-related software according to EN 50128:2001 and EN 50128:2011
  • Electronic systems according to EN 50129 and EN 61508
  • Radio remote controls according to EN 50239
  • Safety proofs according to EN 50126, VDV 161 and EN 61508-5
  • Electronic systems on railways according to EN 50155
  • Safety-related communication according to EN 50159
  • Fire protection

Assessment of vehicles and vehicle components

  • Welding technology according to EN 15085
  • Systems requiring monitoring according to § 33 Abs. 4 EBO
  • Valuation of vehicles
  • Assessments of accidents
  • Assessment and evaluation of safety management systems according to EU-Directive 2004/49/EG